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Featured Updates

Rhia Ventures Releases New Business Case for Reproductive Health.

Tara grantee Rhia Ventures released a new report, Hidden Value: The Business Case for Reproductive Health. The study illuminates the link between access to reproductive healthcare and business performance, documenting for the first time why and how this access is important to a company’s bottom line. Investing in comprehensive healthcare access, including reproductive healthcare, is something companies cannot afford to overlook. Providing these benefits maximizes the talent pool, helps attract and retain workers, builds diverse talent pipelines, and can yield significant cost savings. Please read their findings and former CEO Lisa Hammann’s editorial in Fast Company.

Equitable Workplaces: Evidence & Action. 

The evidence is clear: workplaces are critical to women’s health and well-being. One of the five dimensions of a woman’s life that is critical to her flourishing, revealed in The XX Factor, is economic empowerment. And, we know from the research in Four for Women: A Framework for Evaluating Companies’ Impact on the Women They Employ, that the four critical factors that positively impact female employees are representation, pay, health, and satisfaction. With growing evidence and need, Tara Health is taking action and investing in data, products, and new ideas…and through a new workstream: Equitable Workplaces. Read the full update here.

Tara Health featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy featured Tara Health Foundation President Dr. Ruth Shaber’s work in its January edition. “‘Ultimately, I believe that the traditional para­digm for how foundations drive social change should be turned upside down,’ Shaber says.”

In the interview, Dr. Shaber discusses the power of 100% mission alignment and the foundation’s approach to impact, ranging from grants to equity positions in startups to mission-aligned investments in public markets.

Corporate Political Giving in the Spotlight.

Watchdog group Equity Forward’s new report calls on large corporations to stop funding legislators that have supported restrictive abortion legislation in a number of U.S. states. The report calls on these companies to pull this funding and instead make comparable donations to organizations supporting access to reproductive healthcare to support their workforce.

See the report “Funding the Bans, A Look at Major Corporations Funding the Lawmakers Behind State Abortion Bans”  and Forbes article.

Wharton’s Four for Women unveils framework for evaluating workplaces for women.

Tara Health is proud to have supported Four for Women, a research-backed framework evaluating companies’ impact on the women they employ. The study highlighted the critical categories for understanding and measuring how employers treat female talent, isolating four key factors of representation, pay, health and satisfaction. The study has been featured in CNN and Fast Company, among others.