Women’s Foundation of Mississippi

Investment Type: Grant
Year: 2019, 2020
Amount: $100,000
Organization Type: Nonprofit

The mission of the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi (WFM) is to achieve economic security for women. They work to serve all women and girls throughout our state, particularly those who are most vulnerable. They use grant-making, community engagement, advocacy, training programs, and research to support three main focus areas: reproductive health, access to education and career opportunities, and two-generation work. They do this because women have a greater opportunity for upward mobility and economic sustainability when they can plan for pregnancy, earn a degree or receive relevant job training, access quality childcare, and pursue a viable career with a livable income.

Why we invest:

We provided a two year unrestricted grant to the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi in recognition of their incredible work protecting and promoting sexual and reproductive health for all Mississippians.

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