Women and Girls Equality Strategy Portfolio (WGES)

Investment Type: Public Equity
Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Amount: $9.2 million
Organization Type: For-profit

The Women and Girls Equality Strategy Portfolio (WGES), managed by U.S. Trust, looks beyond women in leadership to examine how companies support gender equality through operations, products and services. WGES is comprised of 65 to 70 high-quality large cap U.S. companies.

Why we invest:

U.S. Trust is a pioneer in Gender Lens Investing. WGES has developed a comprehensive list of criteria that support a broad set of outcomes for women and girls spanning wage parity, career advancement, family leave policies and human rights policies related to global supply chains. In addition to its mission alignment, WGES has outperformed major market indexes.

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