Whole Woman’s Health

Investment Type: Grant and Private Debt
Years: 2016, 2017
Amount: $433,000 Grant to the Whole Woman’s Health Alliance / $250,000 Debt to Whole Woman’s Health, LLC
Organization Type: Nonprofit and For-profit

Whole Woman’s Health (WWHA) and Whole Woman’s Health, LLC (WWH, LLC) provide cutting-edge, high-quality health care to women around the United States, including abortion services. Founded by Amy Hagstrom Miller in Austin, Texas, in 2003, Whole Woman’s Health has been a leader in improving and expanding quality care while providing a powerful voice for advocacy and education in the Capitol, in the press and in the communities they serve.

Why we invest:

WWHA and WWH, LLC are rapidly growing nationally and provide high-quality care to women in underserved regions across the nation. WWH, LLC is a for-profit business that also supports nonprofit work through their sister organization, WWHA. Due to predatory legislation and subsequent challenges that led them to the US Supreme Court in 2016, WWH was forced to take out high-interest loans in order to cover the costs of opening and closing their doors.

We support both the WWHA’s nonprofit work and the WWH, LLC.

  • WWHA For their nonprofit organization, we provided two grants to reopen their flagship clinic in Austin, Texas in 2017. Additionally, we provided a grant to allow the Alliance to obtain a license for their new clinic in South Bend, Indiana.
  • WWH, LLC We refinanced the organization’s debt, reducing interest rates from as high as 25 percent to as low as 3 percent.

This mixed capital investment approach enabled WWH, LLC to redeploy capital, once spent on high-interest debt financing, to support women’s health and well-being.

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