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        • Systems Mapping as a Tool for Systems Change in Gender Finance, Medium, 2018. “If you want to change a system, you first need to understand how it works: who the players are, what the obstacles to change are, and where the opportunities and leverage points lie. That’s why, along with Tara Health Foundation’s Ruth Shaber and Nexial’s Marshall Clemens and Alexandra Kanitz, we co-created the Gender Finance Ecosystem Map.”
        • The U.S. Reproductive Health Investment Case was shared with 75+ national experts in reproductive health and impact investing at a day-long convening in San Francisco. This report, commissioned by the Reproductive Health Investors Alliance Steering Committee, is a detailed landscape analysis of reproductive health needs in the U.S. View a slideshow of photos (right) from the event. Read more about the Reproductive Health Investors Alliance which launched the year following the release of the report.