Investment Type: Grant
Year: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Amount: $128,333
Organization Type: Nonprofit

Toniic Institute is a public charity whose mission is to activate impact investors towards a sustainable global financial system creating positive social and environmental impact.  Toniic’s members, who include high net worth individuals, family offices and foundations, are active impact investors located in more than 20 countries. To deepen their impact, Toniic provides community, education, tools and investment opportunities.

Why we invest:

In addition to serving its members, Toniic catalyzes impact investing data and the knowledge of its members to further build the field of impact investing. Tara Health supports Toniic’s two main field building programs: the T100 Project and the Impact Terms Project (ITP).

Toniic’s goal with the T100 Project for the upcoming years is to collect data from hundreds of portfolios to continue the longitudinal study and support academic research of the investment behavior of private wealth investors engaged in impact impacting.

The ITP offers practical guidance to entrepreneurs, investors and other financial professionals by producing accessible and actionable content on emerging trends and innovations in impact investing structures and terms, including example investment contract provisions (“terms”) for impact investments, sample term sheets, case studies, and guidance on alternative investment structures.

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