Investment Type: Private Equity + Grant
Year: 2018, 2019
Amount: $120,000
Organization Type: For-profit

An independent confidential platform, tEQuitable helps employees and employers address issues of bias, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace.

Why we invest:

Sexual harassment, racial bias, and many forms of discrimination are pervasive in the workplace. Employees deserve to feel safe at work, and employers deserve the tools and resources to implement culture change. tEQuitable has designed a solution that supports workplace inclusivity, by leveraging the evidence-based Ombuds model, and using a tech platform to capture trends that can support management in making change. tEQuitable’s third party platform acts both as a sounding board for employees and empowers employers with valuable data to help them design customized improvements based on their needs.

We joined Kapor Capital and other investors that believe tEQuitable will make the workplace safer for women, minorities, and other marginalized groups.

We also made a grant in 2019 to support the integration of tEQuitable’s platform within a number of our nonprofit grantees in the sexual and reproductive health space.

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