Resources for Abortion Delivery

Investment Type: Grant
Year: 2017, 2018
Amount: $200,000 (with Hopewell Fund serving as fiscal agent)
Organization Type: Nonprofit

Resources for Abortion Delivery (RAD) seeks to disrupt the harmful decline in abortion availability by providing financial and technical support to independent abortion-providing facilities, which perform nearly two-thirds of the abortions in the country.

Why we invest:

While abortion is an essential health care service, and access to safe abortion is a human and constitutional right, the United States government and many state governments have removed abortion services from their safety net healthcare programs.  Accordingly, in the US, private organizations and facilities have largely taken on the role of ensuring that poor and low-income patients have access to abortion services. The ability of these private entities to continue doing so has been increasingly hampered in the last two and a half decades by challenging economic conditions, burdensome laws, and stigmatizing and harassing conduct. We provided a grant in support of RAD’s work to identify and promote sustainable solutions to these challenges for US abortion providers.

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