Our Approach to Philanthropy

100% for Mission

Philanthropy has been constrained for too long by the notion that grantmaking is the only tool at our disposal. Endowments, which typically comprise 95 percent of a foundation’s total assets, are often overlooked as a vehicle for change. We believe that foundations can, and should, broaden the definition of philanthropic capital beyond grantmaking. As a result, we have taken on the ambitious goal of aligning 100 percent of our assets with our mission. See our model in action.

Integrated Capital

Our investment policy is driven by the concept of integrated capital. Integrated capital is the coordinated use of different forms of financial capital and non-financial resources to support an enterprise that’s working to solve complex social and environmental problems. For each investment, we work closely with our partners to ask: “What is the change we hope to see?” We then deploy the appropriate form of capital to support that change. We may deploy multiple forms of capital, such as grants and debt refinancing, at various times to any given partner in order to reflect their diverse needs. See our model in action.

Leveraging All of Our Assets

Our impact is most effective when we deploy financial and human capital together. For this reason, we take an active venture philanthropy approach with our partners. We tailor our hands-on support to the unique needs of each partner, whether through mentorship, taking a board seat or connecting partners to resources and funding opportunities. See our model in action.

Prioritizing Collaboration

Above all, we believe in transparency and collaboration. We are committed to continuous learning alongside our partners and peers, as well as to prioritizing co-grantmaking and co-investing opportunities that amplify our collective impact. See our model in action.


Our Areas of Focus

We focus on investments and grants that further our mission in sectors in which our team can add the most value based on our expertise and backgrounds. Our areas of focus are:

  • Domestic Reproductive Health
  • Global Health
  • Gender Lens Investing
  • Impact Investing
  • Other Women & Girls Initiatives


Our Model in Action

Here are some of the ways we’ve put our model into action.

  • Prioritizing Collaboration
  • Leveraging All of Our Assets
  • Integrated Capital
  • 100% for Mission