Next Wave Impact Fund, LLC

Investment Type: Private Equity
Year: 2017, 2018
Amount: $200,000
Organization Type: For-profit

The Next Wave Impact Fund is dedicated to increasing diversity in angel investing by engaging more underrepresented groups in early stage investing. The fund focuses on seed stage impact deals and seeks investments that achieve both social and financial returns. There are 99 women in the new fund, 25 of whom are women of color. The fund investments range across a variety of sectors, including health & wellness, education, financial inclusion, community development, etc.

Why we invest:

Fortune reported, in 2017, that 2% of venture capital dollars went to female founders. The venture capital and angel investing landscape lacks diversity across the board.  Next Wave is dedicated to educating and mentoring the next generation of female and minority investors to reverse this trend. The fund’s investments are not exclusively focused on minority and female led companies, but do look for diversity of management teams and focus on catalytic social enterprises with high potential for financial returns.

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