Investment Type: Private Equity
Year: 2018, 2019
Amount: $1.25 million
Organization Type: For-profit

The mission of MobileODT is to equip every healthcare provider, everywhere, with the most advanced tools to save as many lives, as quickly as possible. One of MobileODT’s key efforts is to  bring a smart colposcope to market that offers point of care solutions to reduce cervical cancer and improve women’s health outcomes.

Why we invest:

Current methods for cervical cancer screening are insufficient. In emerging markets, this can often lead to missed opportunities to treat a preventable cancer before it progresses. In higher resourced markets, poor methods result in lower standards of care and higher costs for clinics and patients.

MobileODT is leveraging machine learning to provide cervical cancer screening tools that can help clinicians improve the efficacy of their diagnostics, and reduce incidences of cervical cancer.

We invested to help MobileODT validate its new technology, a smart coloscope, and bring much needed quality improvements to the field of women’s health.

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