Jacaranda Health

Investment Type: Grant & Investment
Year: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Amount: $960,000
Organization Type: Nonprofit

Founded in 2011, Jacaranda Health is a social enterprise with a mission to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women and newborns in Kenya. Jacaranda’s model focuses on building private maternity clinics in peri-urban areas that provide patient-centered care that is high-quality and affordable.

Why we invest:

Jacaranda Health is challenging the status quo of maternal and child health care in Africa. Jacaranda seeks to prove the thesis that providing high-quality care in African countries such as Kenya can be cost-effective. It has developed a multi-year track record and received the SafeCare Level 5 award, a title only awarded to three out of 2,000 facilities across Africa. We provided unrestricted grants of $560,000 and a program related investment of $400,000 in support of Jacaranda Health’s efforts to develop a sustainable and scalable service delivery model for low-income women in East Africa.  

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