Leveraging All of Our Assets

Leveraging Our Financial and Human Capital as a Film Producer

Birthright: A War Story  is a feature-length documentary that examines how women are jailed, physically violated and risk dying as a radical movement tightens its grip across America. The film tells the story of women who have become collateral damage in the aggressive campaign to allow states, courts and religious doctrine to govern whether, when and how women bear children. The documentary explores the accelerating gains of the crusade to control pregnant women and the resulting public health crisis, which turns pregnant women into criminals and challenges the constitutional protections of every woman in America.

Tara Health worked with the directors of Birthright to identify the optimal form of capital that would support the film’s success and public education campaign. We carefully designed our investment in Birthright: A War Story to ensure that financial returns were contingent upon the success of the film, deploying capital through a royalty structure.

Starting in Spring 2017, we worked with the directors to design a nationwide campaign strategy to maximize the film’s social impact. Documentary film is a unique advocacy and educational tool with the ability to reach large audiences. By taking on the role of executive producer, we’re able to leverage our expertise in addition to our financial capital to ensure the film’s success.

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