Prioritizing Collaboration

Innovative Collaborations with Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Federation of America is the largest provider of family planning in the United States, with nearly 650 health centers serving 2.5 million patients each year. Tara Health worked with Planned Parenthood to identify areas where our assets and expertise would best support their national reach and scale. As a result, we provided the following three grants:

1) A grant to Planned Parenthood’s in-house Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation for quality care standards research, including:

  • A randomized controlled trial testing the feasibility, acceptability, continuation and unintended pregnancy outcomes of self-administration for Depo (DMPA) users. Development and validation of a novel contraceptive clinical quality measure. This is an example of Planned Parenthood’s unique ability to rapidly translate evidence-based findings into improved patient care. Based on the positive findings of the research and existing evidence, Planned Parenthood has made Depo self-administration an option for affiliate clinics and will continue to use the findings of both projects to inform and improve patient care.

2) A grant to support scaling Planned Parenthood’s corporate relations, including:

  • Expansion of Planned Parenthood’s corporate engagement efforts. The grant supported the hiring of new staff to develop ways to engage the private sector in support of the organization. Planned Parenthood has observed a huge uptick in support from companies since the November 2016 election. Our grant has enabled the organization to increase its capacity to develop and maintain corporate relationships during this critical time. Corporate partnerships have ranged from endorsements at New York Fashion Week to a grant from Gilead to expand comprehensive HIV prevention efforts. 

3) A grant to support the infrastructure of the in-house Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, including:

  • Enabling Planned Parenthood to take its research commitment to new heights. Cementing Planned Parenthood as a leader in reproductive health research. Our investments support Planned Parenthood’s goal to be a leader in reproductive health care, research and advocacy, and the organization’s ability to achieve health equity for all.

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