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Equity Investing to Move the Pill Over The Counter

In the United States, women need a prescription to get birth control pills, while in many other countries they’re available over the counter.

Cadence is a health care startup with a mission to make birth control pills affordable and accessible to all women who need them, regardless of barriers such as insurance status. An estimated 30 million users would benefit if the pills were available without a prescription, including women without insurance or with limited insurance. Cadence is now working to seek federal approval for a combined oral contraceptive pill that is both safe and popular, making it a high potential candidate for becoming available over the counter.  

Tara Health purchased a convertible note and acquired equity in Cadence, allowing us to support a for-profit business model with a social mission to improve contraceptive access in the U.S. Cadence is our first play in early-stage, direct investing. We believe the company has the potential to dramatically disrupt the U.S. contraceptives market by finally making the Pill affordable and accessible for all.

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