Community Catalyst

Investment Type: Grant
Year: 2019
Amount: $75,000
Organization Type: Non-profit

Community Catalyst is a national consumer health advocacy organization dedicated to raising powerful consumer voices to influence local, state and national decisions that affect health. It has a staff of experts in private insurance, Medicaid, LGBTQ health, children’s health, substance use disorders, oral health, and hospital community benefit requirements. Its Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation works to influence health system transformation through research, policy development and interactions with public policymakers and health industry leaders. Its Women’s Health Program incorporates the MergerWatch Project, which has worked for more than 20 years with advocates in 38 states to protect access to reproductive health services and LGBTQ-inclusive care when hospitals merge.

Why we invest:

Women’s Health Program of Community Catalyst is the leading organization researching and publishing data on the growth of religious hospitals and health systems. The project tracks hospital consolidation and publishes periodic reports on the growth of Catholic health systems and the spread of religiously-based healthcare restrictions. Some religiously affiliated healthcare providers, for example, do not provide access to abortion or contraception. Reproductive health advocates and leading publications, such as the New York Times, rely on their reports. Support from the Tara Health Foundation will enable the Women’s Health Program to produce and disseminate a 2020 update of their research reports and respond to a high demand for requests for new data.

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