Calvert Research and Management

Investment Type: Public Debt
Year: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Amount: $7 million
Organization Type: For-profit

Calvert Investmentsfounded in 1976, was the first to launch a socially responsible mutual fund. Calvert is at the forefront of impact investing, applying innovative investment strategies, groundbreaking research, shareholder advocacy programs and public policy initiatives.

Why we invest:

Tara Health invests in three of Calvert’s mutual funds, including International Opportunities, Short Duration Fixed Income and Small Cap. Calvert has one of the most experienced, largest and most proactive Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) research teams in the industry. They are equipped to expand their ESG involvement in areas such as workplace equity, product safety and impact, and women’s rights. We believe that Calvert has an edge over peers in its ability to promote positive practices through heightened advocacy and corporate engagement.

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