Investment Type: Private Equity
Year: 2019
Amount: $250,000
Organization Type: For-profit

Bloomlife is a medical device company focused on revolutionizing maternal and neonatal care. Their first product is a wearable device that monitors contractions and can predict labor within 24h of delivery, enabling pregnant women to take ownership over their pregnancy and seek the care they need when they need it. Additional products in development will focus on maternal stress and fetal health.

Why we invest:

The pregnancy experience in the United States today is not patient-centered and does not empower expecting mothers to understand their bodies and the health of their babies. Many areas of maternal health such as maternal stress and post-partum depression are underresearched and underfunded. Bloomlife is redesigning the pregnancy experience, by using personalized data to provide expecting mothers with information about their health and the health of their fetus. Not only does this empower women, Bloomlife’s products have the potential to lower costs for hospitals and patients, and improve outcomes through better access to data.

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