American Society for Emergency Contraception

Investment Type: Grant
Year: 2019, 2020
Amount: $90,000 (with Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants serving as fiscal sponsor)
Organization Type: Nonprofit

The American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC) seeks to improve access to and education about emergency contraception (EC). ASEC supports everyone’s right to access affordable EC. They foster partnerships among their 1,200+ members and collaborate broadly with stakeholders across the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements. They provide technical assistance on clinical and policy issues related to EC, monitor access in pharmacies, synthesize complex research results into clinical guidance, and produce fact sheets for different audiences. Each year, they bring together a diverse network at their annual meeting, the EC Jamboree.

Why we invest:

In 2013, levonorgestrel emergency contraception (EC) was approved for over-the-counter sale without restrictions, yet real-world barriers (such as unnecessary ID checks and pharmacy refusals) remain and particularly for young people. College students often face additional transportation and logistical barriers. An innovative strategy for improving access on college campuses is the sale of EC in a vending machine.

Tara Health provided a grant to ASEC in 2019 to develop a toolkit to support student activists in advocating for an EC vending machine on their campus. This tangible student activism project will normalize EC, improve access on campus, and inspire students to remain engaged in reproductive access.

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